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Sweetly Forgotten {Closed}


Walking around the town that seemed so new to her still even though she had been back from her duties of a medic for a week, some would say that only seven days wasn’t enough time to cope, though it seemed Flaky would have to in the death trap town that she would never consider ‘happy’. 

Though finally leaving her home to wander and see the buildings more up close than her window, her crimson hues had averted themselves to the sidewalk which was not the smartest idea but her hands that nervously wrung together was what she focused on more than impending dangers or, people. Which lead to the next outcome of her bumping into the two one green haired other. Looking up, the sent and sight of candy brought back the name that came from her lips in sheer surprise and shock.

"N-Nutty! Oh!" Shaking her head rather quickly while hardly noticing the bobby pins that fell from her wild mane, her soft voice wavered as she spoke, "I-I’m so s-s-sorry! I w-wasn’t paying a-a-attention!" Ruby hues darting nervously, the timid girl then gave an apologetic smile as if silently asking for forgiveness.


Unwrapping several candies and popping them in his mouth, all at the same time, is quite a usual occurance for the sugar addict. The taste of sweets, exploding and bursting with flavor in his mouth, feeding his addiction. They say that sweets are more addictive than some drugs, which is just fine with Nutty, because he can definitely vouch for that.

Walking through Happy Tree Town is always a dangerous trek. One of the townsfolk could die in the most gruesome way possible at any given moment. It happens on a day-to-day basis, not that it means that Nutty is used to it. Rolling a lemon-lime-flavored lollipop over in his mouth, he works on unwrapping another piece of candy. The town can switch between lively and cheerful to silent very quickly, but the rambunctiousness of the town is always carried everywhere with Nutty. As he unwraps another piece of candy, the timid redhead bumps into him, and the jawbreaker flies out of his hand, shattering on the ground.

The squirrel frowns down at his ruined candy. Picking up candy from the ground usually isn’t much of a problem to him, but clearly, there’s someone here. He perks up from his funk when he hears the voice of the porcupine woman, a smile on his face. “Flakes!” he shouts, giving her a friendly smile. He doesn’t seem to address—or rather, maybe he had forgotten—Flaky running into him, or her apology about it. “Why are you walkin’ around all alone? Ooh! We should take a walk together!”

…—Always very quick to make plans.

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Nutty pauses and fishes change out of his pocket. He pulls it out and immediately frowns at his hand. He has a dollar in quarters, enough for a chocolate bar or four gumballs out of a machine. “I… Only have this much. That’s only enough for a chocolate!”


"I had a feeling you would say that.." Flippy sighed a bit and pulled out his wallet to look over what he had. He had about thirty five in his wallet left over from his lunch an hour ago and he looked over at Nutty. "I’ll pay this time. You really should find something to do to get some money Nutty." Now that he was also free from being pulled her started to walk in front of the other with a soft smile. "Your limit is fifteen dollars though. Got it?"

Nutty giggles and claps his hands together, trotting alongside Fliipy. “Yaaaay~!” He squeals, bouncing up and down. “Thank you, Flips! Nee, I really should find a job or somethin’… but d’ya think anyone’d hire me?” He does have a tendency to get distracted, and he isn’t the most calm and quiet type of person. “Ooh! I got an idea! I could work in a candy store!”

"If no one has anyone to kiss on New Years day, you can always kiss me!" Look at that little shota squirrel. What a giver.



[ Nutty closes one eye, blushing slightly when he is patted. He wraps his arms around Flippy’s arms again, pressing his cheek against Flippy’s arm. Well, aside from throwing a minor temper tantrum over the pinecone incident, he’s having a fairly good time with Flippy. ]

“Nee, Flippy, I want macarons.”

[ As if to further his point, the squirrel’s stomach growls. ]

[ It was cute watching him rub his cheek against his arm, making the older man chuckle at the antics. So childish and happy, it made Flippy happy too. He was actually having a good time for once and it was fairly nice. He stares at the younger male, his smile widening as he laughs at the sound of the candy addict’s stomach growling. ]

"Haha. Well then, let’s go get you some."

[ Nutty squeals cheerfully and tugs on Flippy’s arm, as he usually does. It’s surprising how Flippy even puts up with the little guy’s antics, seeing to the fact that he’s so childish and Flippy seems almost the opposite. But he’s friendly, and Nutty likes that about him. Well, at least one side of him is friendly, and he’d rather steer clear from the other.

He doesn’t feel like dying today. ]

“Yaaaay~! Macarons!”

[ Nutty hums cheerfully, being mindful not to trip again (though he almost does) and crunching on a few more leaves. ]

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